Best Time To Visit Wayanad

Set in the beautiful green mountains of the Western Ghats, Wayanad is a popular tourist destination which is known for its natural beauty. The best time to explore the beauty of the place is during the winter season. Low humidity and cool weather makes this season perfect for sightseeing.

Summer Season in Wayanad

March, April and May, these are the months of summer in Wayanad. The pleasant cool breeze originated from the adjoining forest backdrop makes the aura much comfortable. Sometimes the temperature touches the height of 36 °C.

Monsoon Season in Wayanad

The climate is a bit warm in this season as South-west and north-east monsoon usher the strong airstream and rainfalls. Wayanad appears stunning with regular drizzling in this season.

Best Season in Wayanad

The climate of Wayanad is calm and enjoyable throughout the year. October to May is the best time to visit Wayanad.

Winter Season in Wayanad

The times in between December to February are much cooler than the other months of the year with downfall of temperature up to 10°C. Thus many travelers choose this duration as the best season to visit Wayanad.


wayanad temperature

Season Months Temperature
Summers March to May 29°C-34°C
Monsoon July to September 27°C-38°C
Winter September to April 15°C-25°C


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